Alternatives to VGA, HDMI & DVI

Cable Standards for the Average Joe…

If you would like to get a signal from your computer to your TV or monitor, it’s clear but you will need to connect them in some way. The pros and cons of the various cable standards, be extremely confusing.

Worry not! On this site I attempt to demystify the various options, so that even the least technically-minded type can understand.

Is VGA Still an Option?

Let’s start with good old-fashioned VGA. It’s usually got a blue plug on the cable, and stays in place with screws on either side of the housing.

The advantage of VGA today is the old equipment such as a presentation projector is almost guarenteed to work with it. Unfortunately that’s where the advantages end! Because it’s an analog signal, this signal degrades based on cable length, wire gauge, digital conversion and many other factors.

On any modern display, picture quality from VGA is simply not very clear or sharp.

This site gives a rundown of the pros, cons and idiosyncrasies of each technology, as well as introducing my own personal favorite: DisplayPort.